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Hosanna Hymnals are far more than the common hymn book found in the pews of churches. Rather, these are hymn collections for a unique purpose or central theme. Further, they include both the music and information about each song to assist in understanding the background, purpose, and meaning.

Two Hosanna Hymnals are now available with more coming in the future. Hosanna, Loud Hosannas, was published in 2014 with second publishing in 2016. Hosanna in Excelsis was published by Moody Publishing in 2020.

David and Barbara Leeman have had long careers in music, both in churches and schools. Dave has served churches in several denominations for over forty-plus years as minister of music. Barbara has taught private piano and pre-school music in their home and was the music teacher at a private, classical Christian school for twenty-three years. Their combined education and experience have given them a rich history and love of sacred and classical music that they desire to preserve and pass on to the current and future generations.

The hymns included come from many centuries, numerous countries, and various denominational traditions. The music and poetry contained in these books represent some of the finest art from our shared sacred history. They are the autobiographies of Christians who have gone before us and navigated the same spiritual journey as many of us. They have left us beautifully crafted expressions of praise, anticipation, and even sorrow in words with melodies that have stood the test of time.

The Leeman’s believe that God has given the gift of singing to ALL of His children to praise Him. If you have a voice, you CAN sing, it matters not how well. Christians must sing because they have a song…the song of redemption.

And because it is the goal that you will actually sing these hymns, either alone or as a family, there are recordings of the piano accompaniment available to help. Because CDs are no longer used in most homes, recordings are on USB drives which store 6 hrs. of recording for “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna” and almost 3 hours for “Hosanna in Excelsis.” Additionally, for those who play the piano, there is available a spiral-bound book of piano accompaniments.
The word Hymn is defined if you think of it as songs about Him, our great and infinite God!

In the Future!

Hosannas Forever

Hymns of our pilgrimage to and about Heaven—our forever home

Hosanna, Lord Jesus Christ

Hymns adoring the Son of God, His humanity, suffering and death, and His resurrection and reign

Hosanna! Hallelujah!

Hymns of Adoration, Praise, and Thanksgiving to the Trinity


“Hosanna, Loud Hosannas: “Essential Hymns Every Child Should Sing,” it is a unique new resource every Christian parent should consider acquiring and using. can be used in a variety of settings, whether Sunday school, children’s worship, or family devotions at home. With beautiful artwork and detailed indexes for easy searchability, it is a gift to students, parents, and grandparents alike.”

Matt Smethurst, Gospel Coalition
“I love that my children have grown up learning, singing, and memorizing hymns. I praise the Lord for calling and gifting David and Barbara Leeman to create and produce Hosanna, Loud Hosanna, The Student Hymnal, so that children may have their eyes turned upon Jesus. But this hymnal is a tremendous resource to help ALL ages of God’s people to worship him in spirit and in truth—privately in family worship and in corporate worship. Now the beautiful accompaniment recordings enables us to sing along in our private or even public worship. What a gift! Take time to listen, sing, and learn about he God to whom ALL of these hymns point. You will be blessed!”
Mark A. Davis, Sr. Pastor, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, PCA, Dallas, TX

“I was so touched, so blessed, so amazed by the beautiful Hosanna, Loud Hosannas Student Hymnal! When I turned to the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” and saw that beautiful print, “The Song of the Lark,” I just had to stop for a long moment and admire that stunning print – it is so filled with meaning in so many ways! …I hope that future generations of young people will be blessed and inspired when they use this wonderful hymnal!”

Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“Hosanna, Loud Hosannas is much more than a hymnal. Each of the carefully selected hymns includes biographical information about the author, notes about the music and deeper exploration into the theology expressed in the hymn. The beautifully produced book includes vivid art reproductions.”

Review in World Magazine

“In recent years we have had the privilege in life to become parents. And, though we have not worked as extensively as many in children’s music, lately we have spent more time writing and reflecting on the subject since we now have two little daughters of our own.

It is particularly unusual, given the fact that much children’s literature today is story-driven, highly involved, complex, mystical and requiring such intellectual commitment, that in comparison, much current children’s theological teaching, songs and even worship to Almighty God can be so simplistic and shallow rather than telling the ascendant and beautiful story of Christ. It is refreshing to see a book of hymns selected for children to sing that tell the gospel and teach complex biblical truths in a timeless way.

Our fellow countryman, C.S. Lewis, said, “No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally (and often far more) worth reading at the age of fifty.” We believe the same is true of songs and singing.

We are so excited about the publication of this hymnbook for children. Our prayer is that our children will be singing theologically-rich hymns such as the ones found here long after we are gone and will continue to pass them on from generation to generation.”

Keith & Kristyn Getty

“In my view, hymnals are next to the Holy Scriptures in importance. They are an indescribable repository of theological truth, abundant scripture references, beautiful music paired with time-honored texts, great poetry, plus significant history lessons relating to composers, writers and the reasons for writing what they did. The contents of hymnals paint a rich picture of God’s people as a singing people of faith.”

Stephen Nielson, concert pianist

“It should not be an unrealistic goal for every Christian household to own a hymnal. This would be an excellent one to start with.”

Stephen P. Lewis, Westminster Books

“I wholeheartedly recommend Hosanna, Loud Hosannas Student Hymnal especially for Christian families. It provides one of the best learning aids for hymnal education that I have ever seen. We have easily integrated into our daily practice of family worship. After seeing its high quality, we ordered one for each of our children. What a wonderful keepsake for them and their future families!”

Pastor Jeffrey Fartro, Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church, Cleveland-Parma, Ohio

“David and Barbara Leeman bring a wealth of experience to this endeavor, including years of experience teaching music to children. Their love of hymnody and what it adds to our worship shines in this collection. The book is nicely bound and will serve the child who owns it for many years of use. It is one of the few books that is worth buying for each child in the family to use. This is a book to won, to give children and grandchildren, and a book to use for your own purposes, particularly if a traditional hymn book is daunting. Highly recommended.”


“The Song of praise to God-with-us cannot be stilled, because it does not depend merely on us or on any other generation. We live with the echoes of earlier believers still sounding in our ears.”

Bishop H. George Anderson, Pastor, Seminary professor, and president of Luther College, presiding bishop, ELCA, 1995.

“We’ve loved adding this book to our family. I’ve enjoyed relearning many of the songs from my youth and passing down to my sons the traditions of the Church. Hymns may seem dull and boring to you, but besides being rich is theology, praise, and encompassing the full scope of the Christian life, they connect generations. My 78 year Nana and my 4 year old son can sing Blessed Assurance together. What a beautiful picture that is of Jesus’ multi-generational Body. If you’re looking to add song into your family devotions I’d start here.”

Tom Jones, Penned Well.com, Thoughts on Life, Theology, Culture, and Books